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Introducing 4 inspirational journals that will bring out the best in you, even if you are short on time, and love to be prompted. 

Hey sister, here is the down-low for each journal 


In short: If you aren’t excited to wake up (almost) every morning because you feel like you’re doing the work you were put on this planet to do (and making good money, too!), this journal is for you.  Let’s cut right to it:
The bad news is wasting your life (and talents, skills and energy) working a job or running a business you’re not obsessed with is draining and ultimately, not sustainable.  

The good news?   It’s possible to change your situation and start making moves toward a more rewarding life and business–even if you’re working another job, don’t have the money or don’t know where to focus–right now.   In fact, that’s exactly what this journal is for.  

My Dream Business Journal was designed to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to figure out what you’re here to do, what your dream business actually looks like and start taking tangible steps and inspired action to transform it from a dream into reality.  . 


The truth is money is energy–which means money has a frequency. But thanks to subconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs around what money is or means to us, we’re not always on the same frequency as money...and therefore, it’s not always showing up in our lives the way we’d like it to.  

The good news? There are ways to actively raise your frequency to attract & make yourself available for more abundance. And one of the best ways is through a regular abundance journaling practice!  

It’s true: Most people aren’t blessed with an abundance mindset from birth. Most of us have to actively work to open ourselves up to more. Many of us have lots of old (read: outdated) beliefs around money, including what having money means and whether we’re even worthy of it in the first place.  
Abundance journaling can help with all of that.  
So, if you’re ready to... Let go of your “money stuff” for good
Attract (rather than desperately chase after) ready, eager clients
Finally relax about + feel supported by your finances
Start being, doing and having what you truly desire (regardless of the price tags involved!)  then enjoy this journal


.Our modern lives are so fast-paced. Especially as creative women, we’re moving at warp speed every single day.   Most of us are always doing something–for our businesses, our clients, our families. Or even just our homes (or cute home offices).  

Obviously this pace isn’t sustainable over the long haul. Creative women not only crave downtime, we need it in order to stay in tip-top creative shape.  

So right now I want to ask you...  What would it feel like to take a pause, sloooow down and create loving rituals for yourself? What would it feel like to turn every “to do” or task into a mini-celebration?   Or to infuse the daily grind with mini (or not-so-mini!) doses of fun and glamour? If it all sounds fabulous but you’re not quite sure where to start, then this journal is for you


Being a businesswoman isn’t just about being “good at” or “smart about” business.   It’s also about being able to handle your business – and life – and not let the speed bumps you encounter permanently affect you, your business or your idea of who you are.

 Because TBH? On the path to running a successful online empire, you’ll encounter lots of snags, slip-ups, hiccups and moments where you’ll want to give up.  That’s where self love comes in.  

We get that creative women in particular can be ridiculously hard on themselves.   Have you ever poured your heart into a social media post that literally no one commented on–and assumed it was because your ideas were bad or stupid?   Or helmed a launch that didn’t quite turn out the way you’d planned it in your pretty Day Designer–because clearly you’re just not “cut out for” this?   Yep–we’ve all been there.  

The good news? The more you truly love yourself, the better you’ll be able to navigate these tricky (and unavoidable) situations–and the faster you’ll be able to pick yourself up, dust off your Lululemons & get back to doing the good work you do in the world.  When you learn to love yourself, you’ll also have more love to extend to others – including your friends, family and–of course–lovely paying clients.  


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Kia ora 

I'm Luanne Mareen, your lay it out there simply, Life Purpose Sister ...

I haven't always been what you call a prolific journal-ler. I am more of a "get those thoughts out short and sharp," OR perhaps the thoughts come in poem form.

With the right prompts I find the answers that come through are more meaningful to me.
With these journals you can find prompts to draw out your intuitive answers and align to your Goals and Dreams easily.

Just so you know who I am:
Master Hand Analyst Teacher, Mama Goddess, Author, Speaker and Divine Business Mentor Who Helps Healers, Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Identify their Life's Calling and To Express That With Joy, Ease and Flow

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