Activate Your Goddess-ence, Purpose & Community 

Luanne Mareen

Sisterhood is essential for women. We deeply desire connection, meaning, flow, touch & talk and appreciation.

Friday 25th Feb, 7.30pm to 10.00pm 
Venue - Frankston:  Address will be provided on ticket booking. 
(Transferable but non-refundable)

A Goddess on Purpose Gathering is a group of fun-loving friends/ clients/ colleagues who get together to reconnect with their inner goddess in a safe and nurturing space. Whether you work in a life insurance company or on a building site, as long as you're a woman in search of your inner Self, then you're welcome. Explore what it means to be 'woman' and feel beautiful, sassy and inspired as a result.

If you are new, you will be welcomed with open arms and be ready to bathe in the knowing that you will be going on a beautiful 2.5 hour journey with soul sisters.

"Amazing! I absolutely loved it and have also been deeply affected by it. Anyone who hasn’t done one, really needs to…you will walk away calm, relaxed, inspired, grateful, empowered and in a state of bliss! I would (and do) recommend a playshop to anyone even slightly intrigued…they’re so awesome ! Thanks for opening my eyes."

Megan McGrath
Hastings, Australia

One Where You Will...

➡Be Heard

➡Be Honoured

➡Go Deep

➡Be Seen



Friday 25th Feb, 7.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue - Frankston: address will be provided on ticket booking.

(Transferable but non-refundable)

In essence this very safe space will be created for you to move and become embodied in the way of the Goddess, Your Feminine and Your Purpose.

Book your spot today this is a small intimate gathering and we have a limited space so please book early to secure your place.

Wear light easy to boogie in clothing, comfortable and no shoes needed.

Please bring a small healthy plate to share.

"It was wonderful, I have never been so deeply affected by something. Lu, I thank you for that. My affimation has stayed with me and I am reminded of it right when I need it. Magic…."

Natasha Burd
Pearcedale, Australia

Guest Speaker


My soul sister who inspired me to re-ignite the Goddess on Purpose Gathering. She is an amazing magical woman, who brings grounding and balance through her work - more info coming on what she will be sharing on the evening.

Kia Ora, Greetings Goddess sisters, My names Kaia Kake, I am Māori from Wellington, Whangarei Aotearoa New Zealand.

Early years I was educated in main stream schools then went on to Turakina Maori Boarding School, where I excelled in academics & Māori culture.

I've studied Automotive Engineering in Wellington & further my education career in Communications, working in Government Māori Departments in Wellington & Whangarei.

Involved with our tribe, empowering people while strengthening from a grass roots initiatives perspectives.

11 years I have lived in Melbourne, caring for my family & worked as a Logistics Manager.

2021 was a year of change for myself, so I choose to solo travel around Australia, where I learnt lots, studied Hands Analysis Academy & became a member of the Warriors of Light Academy.

It was an amazing Epic travelling journey that was meant to be, which has transformed my life.

As for Now, I look forward to meeting, all of you amazing Goddess sisters.

Arohatinonui Kaia x

Friday 25th Feb, 7.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue - Frankston: address will be provided on ticket booking.

(Transferable but non-refundable)

Your Host - Luanne Mareen
Master Hand Analyst Teacher, Mama Goddess, Author, Speaker and Divine Business Mentor Who Helps Healers, Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Identify their Life's Calling and To Express That With Joy, Ease and Flow