Goddess on Purpose Oracle Deck

Looking for inspiration and guidance in your Life Purpose?
Then this oracle deck has shown up at the right time.
A 46 card oracle deck with messages that will confirm, support and lead you to take the next steps in your journey.

Includes a 107 page Guide book giving meanings and more information.

"I love these cards and not only utilise them personally but I use them fo my clients and in my circles.  I have a lot of cards but these are one of my fave decks" 

- Jo Worthy of www.joworthy.com 

"Luanne's Goddess on Purpose oracle deck cards are paintings rich with metaphor, archetypes and ancient wisdom. Using these cards as a tool for focus and to be really present in your day are perfect for people who love the ritual of oracle cards for their inspirational guidance"

- Julie Lewin of www.julielewin.com 

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