Let's Go Goddess

The Power of Taking Action Mini Course

Are you ready to take ACTION today ?

If you've ever had those days where you just can't seem to make a decision or feel overwhelmed with worry or self doubt then this is the course for you.

Learn how to stop the procrastination and take action without having to hustle and create your business on Purpose.

Practical step by step ebook with workbook that helps you to take action now.

Imagjne being able to consciously move forward on your passion projects with ease.
Imagine being able to get things done - the really important things that will help you move forward.
Enroll today gorgeous in this complimentary course and GET things DONE on PURPOSE.

Course Curriculum

Luanne Mareen

Luanne Mareen is a Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Chief Goddess of Goddess on Purpose & LuanneMareen.com. Luanne is also a Master Hand Analyst and teacher, Business coach & Mentor, Chief Goddess. Luanne is the Creator of the Goddess on Purpose Oracle & Goddess-ence essential oil range.

Luanne works with healers, catalysts, coaches, teachers who find they are confused about their Purpose and who want to save precious energy, time and money by having their purpose identified in a professional and tangible way, so that they can create programs & services that are aligned to their own Purposeful Design, giving them flow, joy and being of service to their ideal clients.

“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit” —Luanne Mareen.

Rose Videler

Health Coach

Luanne has taught me the power and liberating effect of ‘imperfect action’ and has helped me get clear about the mission of my business, who I serve and how I envision growing and scaling it. Luanne doesn’t sweat the small stuff and her down to earth approach to business is comforting and inclusive. She actively encourages you to step up and shine and creates an environment where you feel safe to do so. I am forever grateful for Luannes guidance and radiant energy that ignites a fire in my body to keep going despite the challenging days. Thank you Lu x 

Course Pricing

  • Complimentary
  • Free