10 Principles of being a Goddess on Purpose
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I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Pleasure, Power and Prosperity.” —Luanne Mareen, Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Goddess on Purpose

Today I live the life of the Goddess. I giggle a little bit as I write this as she has a funny sense of humour but it is the truth. I had to confront and be really true to who I was. Everybody has their own identity and purpose. After successfully growing and selling our family business I was ready to totally immerse myself in a transformational businesses which was rewarding and exciting.

I have, in the last few of years, ignited a global Goddess movement that has freed the lives of thousands of women from the shackles of the illusion to pursue their utmost desires and dreams. I have transformed in front of my own eyes from a shy, disempowered wallflower who’s watched other people’s success and happiness from afar, to a feminine juicy leader who inspires even other paradigm shifters, side by side.

I get to teach, speak, mentor, coach & inspire from this space, while all the time supporting people to truly follow their Life Purpose.

The most important thing in my life are my children. Living by example from a life that was once busy and go go go – missing important moments, to one now of living fully in the present, creating a lifestyle that I love and where connection, community, love, balance and Purpose is always in my heart.

Blissings Luanne Mareen