Step out and Shine Live Series

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The Spiritual's Entrepreneur Guide to Step Out And Shine Online

Join Me For This LIVE Online Workshop Series Where I Will  Share With You How To Package Your Purpose, Gifts And Talents, Connect With Your Tribe And Share Your "Passion Fuelled" Work NOW




  • How To Get Over The "Poor Healer Myth", Why It's Keeping You Stuck And How To Stop It Now
  • How To Follow The Path Laid Out In Your Hands To Realise and Monetise Your Purpose 
  • How To Stop Playing Small Now And Get The Confidence To Stop Apologising For Your Gifts  
  • Why Women Who Embrace Social Media And Being Visible Can Charge More For Their Offer
  • How To Stop Being Overwhelmed In Your Business By Keeping It Simple

My dream was to deliver my healing modality AreekeerA,  1 to many. Luanne quickly helped re-structure my content and create a flow that worked for everyone.
Thankfully, I was also able to pivot my business during Covid-19 and turn my 2.5 day in-person retreat into a 2.5 day online retreat; and then into a 6 week online program. This was a huge success. Having Luanne available to get an outside perspective and the benefit of her business insight has been invaluable for my business growth.

Julie Lewin

There's Never Been A Better Time To Double-Down & Serve From Your Passionate Purpose And Really Own Your Worth For Yourself And Your Clients

If you've ever wondered why everyone is talking online courses in these “special times” and how you could create your own, then this free live training is FOR YOU if you are a healers, therapist, spiritual entrepreneur or coach !


Luanne has taught me the power and liberating effect of ‘imperfect action’ and has helped me get clear about the mission of my business, who I serve and how I envision growing and scaling it. Luanne doesn’t sweat the small stuff and her down to earth approach to business is comforting and inclusive. She actively encourages you to step up and shine and creates an environment where you feel safe to do so. I am forever grateful for Luannes guidance and radiant energy that ignites a fire in my body to keep going despite the challenging days. Thank you Lu x

Rose Videler
Health on Purpose Coach