5 Ways to Uncover Your Gifts And Talents, So You Can Confidently Get Paid For Your Purposeful Work

Live WORKSHOP Series 

5 Ways To Uncover Your Gifts And Talents, So You Can Confidently Get Paid For Your "Purposeful" Work 

And Why The Map In Your Hands Is the KEY To Connecting To Your
Hidden Healer

Starts Monday JUNE 27th
12.30pm each day Melbourne Vic, Aust

11.30am Brisbane, 9.30am Perth,
2.30pm New Zealand,
Prev day 8.30pm New York, 5.30pm Los Angeles
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Here's What You'll Learn In This Live Series


How To Read Your Unique Life Path That Exists In Your Hands Using A Little Known Scientific Tool That Anyone Can Learn 

In this session,  I'll show you the two disctinct maps that lead you directly to your passion-fuelled work and how you can find that in yourself and others.


How To Turn Your Biggest Success Blockers Into Your Biggest Paydays

In this session,  I will be revealing how your biggest block or the thing that seems to stop you in your tracks, can use it to your advantage instead of letting it hold you back.


Why The Lines In Your Hands Can Lead You To More Connection To Others & Strengthen Your Most Important Relationships

In this session,  I will be revealing the four different heart line styles that appear in hands and why it's so important for you to express your own style.


Discover The 4 Categories Of Special Gift Markings, The  Power Of Embracing (Also The Penalty Of Ignoring Them) And How You Can  Easily Monetise them.

In this session,  I will be revealing how Gift Markings show up in your hands.  Did you know you often rarely are born with gift markings, and they show up later in life to give your extra energy and potential in support of your life purpose. 


How To Use Hand Analysis To Confidently Claim & Express Your Own Purpose While Guiding Others To Do The Same As A Side Business.

In this session, I will be revealing how powerful hand analysis can be not only for yourself but for others if you wish to use this as an add on in your healing business or as a stand-alone option. There are so many people searching for clarity about their life purpose and how they can lead more meaningful lives - are you being called to help them now?

I'm Going To Share With You How To Uncover Your Purpose, Gifts And Talents, Connect With Your Message And Get Paid for Your "Passion Fuelled" Work NOW

Kia ora 

I'm Luanne Mareen, your lay it out there simply, Life Purpose Sister ...

As your host for this free live online workshop series, I take my role of helping call out healers into their true calling seriously and also lightly (if you know what I mean).  

I will be showing up live and interactive to give you the answers that you need to really Step out and Shine with a Proven pathway and framework for your soul.

Just so you know who I am:
Master Hand Analyst Teacher, Mama Goddess, Author, Speaker and Divine Business Mentor Who Helps Healers, Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs To Identify their Life's Calling and To Express That With Joy, Ease and Flow

There's Never Been A Better Time To Double-Down & Serve From Your Passionate Purpose To Really Help Others Transform And Re-align With Their Own Purpose By Design